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The A-Z of Colourful, Vibrant Mehendi Jewellery That’ll Make You Pop Out!

Are you ready to break the dance floor with your dance moves on your mehendi? Before you start thinking of dancing the night away and letting all the stress go before the actual big day, you need to think about the jewellery you’ll be wearing on your mehendi. This event is one of the signature functions of a desi wedding and is meant to bring the families of the bride and groom together to have some fun and get to know each other. So if you’ve been anxious about what you’re going to wear or do on that particular day, you need to relax, take a deep breath and know that everything will be okay as long as you aren’t stressed out.

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Here in Pakistan, you will either see brides wearing colorful mehendi jewellery with fresh flowers or that which is made out of gotta. If you love the smell of fresh flowers and have always wanted to go all-natural on your mehendi, floral mehendi jewellery will be your best possible option. Here are a couple of tips to remember when you want floral jewellery for your mehendi.

Tip #1. Take a photo of the fresh flower jewellery you want as an inspiration, so you can show the vendor exactly what you need.

Tip #2. Make sure you get the flowers no more than 2-3 hours before the event or the flowers will start to wither before the photographer can even capture your beautifully innocent face.

Tip #3. Instead of blending with the dress colours, try contrasting it so it can really make you pop out.

Tip #4. Be mindful of the neckline of your outfit when ordering because if you’re wearing a high-neck, something small won’t do.

Tip #5. Ask your vendor to combine the fresh floral jewellery with beads and other such ornaments to add that extra zeal and attractiveness.

But what do you do if you don’t want to be all traditional and go for fresh flowers? You opt for gotta jewellery of course! Gotta jewellery is truly exquisite and is made out of gold or silver colored gotta. The beauty of this one of a kind jewellery is further enriched when pearls and kundan are added. Here are a few tips which will prove to be useful when you decide on gotta jewellery as a part of your mehendi outfit.

Tip #1. Go for funky colours like hot pink and bright yellow that make everything stand out and speak volumes.

Tip #2. Always choose a reliable vendor for your gotta jewellery and don’t brush it off just because you have to wear it for one day because it’s quite expensive and can even be used later for other mehendi/mayoun events.

Tip #3. Try to find vendors that’ll provide everything from jewellery to khusas and purses that match.

Tip #4. Consider giving gotta jewellery such as rings as mehendi favors as this will add the perfect touch and give your guests something to be happy about.

Tip #5. Look for maatha pattis, jhumars, and tikaas as opposed to just earrings, necklaces or garlands.

You can even pair these two types of bridal jewellery with each other or other gold or silver jewellery to really get that pronounced effect. But if you really want to appear as simple and pure as possible before your big day, we suggest that you stick to either fresh flower or gotta jewellery.

So what are you waiting for? Plan ahead for your vibrantly happening mehendi and don’t forget to subscribe to our email to know more about getting glammed up for your mehendi.

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