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Styling Your Bridal Jewellery According To Your Face Shape

Have you ever thought about the importance of your face shape  the role it plays in selecting your bridal necessities? From makeup to jewellery, almost everything is dependent on the face shape that you were born with. Now that we’ve covered the topic of the makeup techniques that suit your face best, we can delve into the discussion of choosing the bridal jewellery that best enhances your facial features.

Here’re a couple of ideas for styling your bridal jewellery according to your face shape so you look the best and stand out in all your wedding functions.

Jewellery for Oval Face Shape

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, consider yourself lucky if you have a  well-defined, oval face shape. Much like makeup, almost every type of jewellery will complement your face. You can wear anything from tear drops to hoops in your ears and pair it up with gulubands or any other necklaces. Depending on your neckline and bridal dress, you can even go for chunky polki or kundan jewellery that gives an extravagant vibe. Go for any type of mathapatis but avoid those that are too crowded otherwise they’ll take away your shape’s beauty.

Things to Avoid: Don’t go for very long, chandelier type earrings as these will make your face long and you’ll lose the natural symmetry.

Jewellery for Round Face Shape

If you’ve ever been called ‘cute’ or ‘chubby’, you belong to the group of people who’ve a round face. When deciding on your shaadi ki jewellery, you have to go for styles that are long and create the illusion of length. For the earrings, you can opt for drops, chandeliers, danglers and well, anything that’s long. Another tip for choosing the earrings is that you should focus on designs that have loads of shapes and lines so the focus shifts from the roundness of your face. For the necklace, you can go for ones with large pendants and looping necklaces. If you want to wear a mathapati, you must steer clear of the traditional round ones and instead opt for ones which have angles and push it back a little.

Things to Avoid: Chaandbaalis, hoops, chokers and gulubands are an absolute no-no when you want to escape the roundness of your face.

Jewellery for Square Face Shape

If you have always had high cheekbones and a hard jawline, you need to work on softening all those edges with the right bridal jewellery. For you, narrow chandeliers, oval hoops and long drops would work best because it will give the illusion of a thinner face and will take a little of the wideness away. Necklaces that complement the square face best are chokers, princess necklaces and neck pieces with pendants that have curves. The best and most flattering mathapati for you would be one which is one sided, or you can even try out a jhumar.

Things to Avoid: Earrings that are wide in shape and any necklaces that are too spaced out as this will make the square face shape appear even wider. You should also avoid small studs and earrings as these will bring your face shape forward.

Jewellery for Oblong Face Shape

Bridal jewellery for the oblong face is all about hiding the length of the face and creating some depth and wideness. If you’ve an oblong face, you can sport large earrings and jewellery that helps in camouflaging the length like large studs and short necklaces. You can also go crazy with round jewellery such as chokers, hoops and gulubands. Add width to your face by going for a maathapati that’s wider and chunkier to add dimension to the long shape.

Things to Avoid: Stay as far away as possible from anything that’s long. Whether its chandelier earrings or long, chain necklaces, all will make your face appear longer so don’t make the mistake of wearing them for any of your wedding functions.

Jewellery for Heart Face Shape

This face shape needs jewellery that makes the forehead appear narrower and the jawline wider. You can go for hoops with horizontal lines to make the chin appear wider and danglers, teardrops and triangle filled design will also work. Princess length necklaces and collars would look best on you especially if you’ve a longer neck to show-off. Multi strand maathapati would really bring out your face and highlight the jawline.

Things to Avoid: You want to take the attention away from your forehead, so your primary focus should be on selecting necklaces that complement the chin area. Don’t go with very large and wide earrings.

Jewellery for Diamond Face Shape

When you want to soften the dramatic, angular lines of your diamond face shape, you should look to add width to the jaw and wear danglers, teardrops and triangle drops with wide designs. It is also recommended that you wear hoops and neck pieces with softer curves. Chokers and princess length necklaces would do well with this face shape. To bring the attention to your high cheekbones, you should stick to mathapatis that are asymmetrical and one sided.

Things to Avoid: You must stay away from earrings that are too long because the length won’t help it any way. You must also avoid wearing multi-strand chokers as these will downplay your prominent features.

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