Bridal Jewellery

Questions To Ask Your Jewellery Vendor

One of the biggest and the most crucial investments you’ll make on your wedding will be your bridal jewellery. Much like the bridal dress and makeup, this is something which you can’t do without, and helps to complete the extravagant look you’re going for. Whether you plan on buying a bridal set or jewellery with diamonds and stones or one which is exclusively gold, there a few questions you’ll want to ask before you make the final decision.

#1. What Kind of Jewellery Do You specialize in?

Though most shops you go to, will provide gold, diamond, platinum and stone jewellery, you’ll need to ask to be sure. If you want to save yourself the hassle of going to different vendors for all your wedding functions, choose one that provides at least gold, silver and diamond jewellery. Some vendors even provide gotta and mayoun/mehendi jewellery so you can choose those as well.

#2. What Variety of Jewellery Do You Offer?

Once you know the material or type of jewellery they offer, you also need to ask the variety of things they provide. For example, while you might be looking for a bridal set to wear on your rukhsati, you will also be looking for gold bangles for your valima. So ask them about the variety they provide and make sure that they have things like mathapati, jhumar, teeka and nath.

#3. What Services Do You Provide?

The jewellery vendor you’re going for shouldn’t just provide bridal sets or jewellery but also have services like polishing, plating, cleaning, repair, insurance, appraisal services and others. This will provide insight about the overall experience of the vendor and you can put your mind at ease that you won’t need to go somewhere else when your silver jewellery starts to rust a little.

#4. Do You Offer Customized Jewellery and Bridal Sets?

This one is important. Let’s say you love a bridal set which has 4-5 strands but you want to shorten it to 2-3 strands because well, it’s too long! In such a case, the jewellery shop must be able to customize the order so you can be truly satisfied with what you’re buying.

#5. How Soon Can I Expect My Order To Be Completed?

When will you receive the goods? Now that you’ve decided to order your dream bridal set, you need to ask when the order will be completed. Try to synchronize the date with the day when you receive your bridal dress because this will help you wear both things and try them out before the big day.

#6. What Quality of Gold Do You Deal with?

If you’re going to a vendor who specializes in gold jewellery, you need to ask them the quality of gold they use to make their jewellery. While most of the vendors you find today will offer 23-carat gold jewellery because it’s softer and much easier to make into designs, there’re vendors who offer 24-karat pure gold as well. This will also give you a good idea about the mixture of the metals used in custom jewellery making because unlike 24-karat gold which is the purest form, 18k, 22 and 23 karat will have a mixture of other metals as well.

#7. How Long Have You Been in Business?

You need to ask the jeweller how long they’ve been in the business. This will give you a good idea about their experience and the clients they’ve worked with so far. If the business has been actively serving customers for 5 years at least, they’ll have a vast variety of jewellery pieces to share with you and this will give you the opportunity to see their handiwork.

#8. What Are Your Payment Terms?

Payment terms differ from vendor to vendor. But it’s better to find out before you place your order so you’re prepared with a cheque or have cash in hand. You also don’t want to go for someone who wants 70% of the entire cost to be paid in the beginning because that would be a huge risk. Ideally, you should pay 30% or 50% at most during booking and the rest should be settled through periodic installments.

Once you have the necessary details, you can be sure that you have made the right decision and wait for the day when you can finally wear it! Subscribe to our email today to find the best jewellery vendors in your city.

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