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Questions To Ask a Wedding Makeup Artist Before Booking

For the Pakistani bride, the moment where she’s getting glammed up for her wedding is probably more stressful than when she’s signing the nikah contract. We like to take our sweet time in selecting the perfect bridal dress, jewellery and venue. But something which we’re really anxious about is booking a makeup artist who can turn us into the princess that we envisioned when we were little.

One of the best things you can do to make sure that you’re making the right decision is to ask the makeup artist some crucial questions so you know what to expect on the big day. Once you’ve shortlisted the makeup artists, these questions will help you in pinpointing the makeup artist who’ll glam you up.

#1. Can You Show Me Your Portfolio?

Does the makeup artist have a portfolio of the work she has done over the years? If she has 5 years or more experience, then she must! However, you don’t just need to look at the pictures but also visit the salon and look at the actual brides who are getting a makeover by the makeup artist. These brides will give you a good idea about what to expect because pictures are often photoshopped and don’t show the actual skill and talent of makeup artists.

#2. Who’s Going to be Doing My Hair & Makeup?

Ask about the team that’ll be working with the head makeup artist and ask to look at their work too so you have an idea about what they do. Remember that it is these junior artists that make the entire salon tick and they need to be skilled, respectful and motivated in the work they do.

#3. What Products Will You Use?

This question is crucial if you want to avoid getting breakouts on the day of your Valima. While some makeup artists stick to an exclusive brand, others will swear by their organic products which are not only harmless but good for the skin. These products are the key when you want to make your skin glow on your big day. Also remember to ask about the brushes used because you only want clean brushes to touch your skin.

#4. What Packages Do You Offer?

Most big salons with top-notch makeup artist offer complete packages with facial, waxing and mani-pedi services for the brides-to-be. These services are taken care of a day or two before the actual event and save you the hassle of going to another parlor. So make sure you ask your makeup artist for these services and avail them if the budget seems right.

#5. Do You Allow Photographers?

If you want a salon photo-shoot for your wedding, you need to ask the makeup artist’s permission. While most salons don’t mind because it is the trend, you have to be sure that the photographers aren’t getting in their way while they work their magic on you.

#6. How Long Will It Take For Me To Get Ready?

If you want to skip the Pakistani tradition of being late to your own wedding, you need to ask the makeup artist how long it will take for you to get ready. Also take into consideration the time it’ll take to travel to and venue so you have an overall picture.

#7. Can a Trial Session Be Arranged?

Before you book, the trial session will make it clear if this is the perfect makeup artist for you or if you should start looking for another. Though a trial session will demand a small amount of your budget, it will act as your guarantee. After all, better spend some money than turn out looking like a complete wreck on the actual day, right?

#8. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Nothing beats experience when you’re searching for a professional makeup artist. Pick someone who has at least 5 years of experience because this is the only way to be sure that you’re working with an expert.

If you think of any other questions to ask, feel free to add to this list and don’t book unless you’re sure about the choice you’re making. Subscribe to our email to find the best and most professional makeup artists in your city.

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