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Perfectly Accessorizing Your Jewellery with Your Bridal Dress

Accessorizing the bridal jewellery with your dress is going to be challenging if not a complete disaster if you don’t think of things way ahead of your wedding. Much like makeup and shoes, your jewellery (which is a big investment) will also require some time to plan.

Today, our aim is to tell you all about how you can make your dress and jewellery sing together in cohesion (well not literally of course!), so everything looks perfect. So without wasting any time, let’s dive straight into the world of bling.

Choose Your Metal First

Though we have covered an entirely different blog on how to coordinate your jewellery with your bridal dress colour, let’s give you a few pointers on the metals which will complement the hues of your dress.

  • If you’re wearing red or dark shades for your bridal dress, stick to gold jewellery as this will enhance the shade and make the attire look perfect.
  • If light shades like champagne or ivory are your thing, go for jewellery with rose gold as this will coordinate perfectly with the light hues of the dress.
  • If you want to break all the rules and wear white on your wedding, you should invest in diamond, platinum or silver jewellery as these will be the perfect match.

Decide Between Heavy and Light

If you’re planning to wear a heavy bridal dress, you’ll want to invest in lighter jewellery. However, if your blouse is simple and doesn’t have a lot of embroidery, you can go crazy with the accessories. One tip for accessorizing the heavy bridal jora is to keep it low with the necklace and earrings but uplift the outfit with jhumar, maathapati or other chic head pieces. Also remember to keep the makeup in mind when you’re going for heavier jewellery or everything will just end up clashing.

Know Your Neckline

Perhaps the most difficult yet important decisions you’ll need to make is to choose jewellery that sets the right tone with the neckline. You may think it’s as easy as wearing a pendant set with a V-neck, but the truth is that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here’s a rundown of the neckpieces that complement the necklines the best:

Round Necklines: Round would look best in round jewellery pieces such as chokers or other rounded pieces.

V-Shape Necklines: If you’re wearing a narrow V-neckline, we recommend that you either wear jewellery which is V shaped or gulubands that show-off your long neck.

Square Necklines: If your bridal dress has a square neckline and brings a lot of attention to the neck, you can go for statement and bold pieces like that of Kundan or Polki. Satladars and chokers also work for this neckline.

Scoop or Deep Necklines: These look best with single or double strand necklaces which have a rounded edge so they can mimic the shape of the neckline.

High Neck/Crop Tops: These blouses which don’t have a neckline and cover your entire chest and neck look best when paired with a raani haar or a simple chain and pendant. If you’ve a heavily embroider blouse, skip the necklace altogether.

Boat Necklines: This one is a personal favorite because it lets you flaunt those collarbones. With these necklines, you can either opt for chokers that stick to your neck or longer double or single strand pieces.

Consider Coordinating the Stones/Gems

If you’ve decided to go for a bridal dress that has Kundan or other gemstones embedded into it, you can complement your look by buying jewellery that has the same stone. This will synchronize both the dress and the jewellery together so they look harmonious. However, be wary of going overboard with the stones either in the dress or the jewellery otherwise it will end up looking like you were trying too hard.

In addition to the dress style there are other things to consider as well for your bridal jewellery selection such as your face shape, wedding makeup and bridal jora colour to name a few. Subscribe to our email and find out more.

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