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Fabulous Bridal Lehenga Styles for the Trendy Bride

You cannot do without a lehenga choli on at least one of your bridal functions. It is your one way ticket to looking beautiful and stunning on your wedding! But the problem is, there are so many different kinds of bridal lehengas available, that it becomes hard to set your heart on one lehenga. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you find out the different styles of lehengas and the features that make them unique. Once you know which lehenga style will flatter you most, you can step out and start looking for your very own.

Here are the lehenga styles and the characteristics that set them apart from others in the category.

Short Choli Lehenga

The short choli lehenga is one of the most traditional lehengas and the feature that sets it apart is its broad flare and circular shape. This lehenga  has a short shirt or choli which either touches the waistline or is above it. The beauty of this lehenga is that because of the short choli, the lehenga’s volume and pleats are visible from the top to bottom. So if you want to keep your blouse simple and are focused on the lehenga for the embroidery, this will be your best choice.

Long Choli Lehenga

The long choli lehenga is the ‘it’ thing nowadays where the shirt is longer than that of the short choli lehenga. The length of these lehengas often reach the kneecap and some are even longer. Most brides-to-be that choose this type of lehenga want to flatter their body shape with the shirt and its fitting. Resham, zardosi and stone work are some of the common types of work that are recommended for this kind of lehenga.

A-Line Lehenga

The A-line lehenga is one which is tighter at the hips and flares out to the bottom. This lehenga, as the name suggest forms an A and doesn’t have a lot of pleats. The good thing about this particular style of lehenga is that it is a lot easier to carry and look’s elegant all the way. This style is usually complimented with a short shirt so the perfect shape of the lehenga is evident. If you have a tall body structure or have an hour glass figure, this lehenga will be the best choice for you!

Fish Cut Lehenga

As the name implies, this lehenga imitates the fish or mermaid body shape. This lehenga is tight from waist to the knees and then flares out from the calves to mimic a fish’s tail. This lehenga is very flattering and accentuates the hips to create the perfect look. Though it’s not easy to walk around in, you won’t need to pick up yards of fabric when you’re moving around. These lehengas look great if they’re made from jacquard, georgette and brocade.

Long Trail Lehenga

If you don’t want to give up looking like a desi bride but still wish to bring some of the western culture into your wedding dress, the long trail lehenga is your best bet. This lehenga has a trail of fabric at the back and completes the princess gown look all dulhans-to-be yearn for. This long trail lehenga will look ideal with a short or mid length shirt so the trail can be flaunted.

Lehenga Saree

The lehenga saree has come as an inspiration from our neighboring country, India. This lehenga style is typically worn with a normal, circular cut lehenga where the dupatta is wrapped around the waist and draped across the shoulder like a saree. This style is known as the half saree and is ideal when you want to do something a little different than the traditional lehenga.

There are lots of lehenga styles that you could try for your wedding, so decide on one that will compliment your body shape the most! Don’t forget to subscribe to our email for tips and tricks on planning your wedding.

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