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Essentials for the Wedding Day Emergency Kit

So you’ve finally set a date for your shaadi and think you have your wedding planning in control? That’s excellent because we know that organizing your own wedding can be hard if you don’t know the ins and outs. Because there’s so much to manage, so many vendors to hire, the dulhan sometimes forgets the essentials she’ll need to keep with her on her big day. Well you don’t need to worry anymore because we have your back!

We know what a bride needs in her emergency kit and while these essentials won’t fit in your small clutch, you can invest in a tote bag. Remember, if you want your event to go smoothly so you aren’t asking some auntie for tissues, these are must-haves you should dump in the bag.

For Makeup Malfunctions

Lipstick: Ideally, you should have the same shade as the one your makeup artist applied on your lips but if you don’t have that, try for a matching shade.

Compact: Foundation and compact can dull as the 3-4 hour event progresses, so keep your compact handy for touchups.

Mascara/Blush: Sometimes you just need more mascara! So include your mascara as well as your blush in the makeup kit so you look as fab as ever!

For Oh No Mishaps

Q-Tips: These are essential for when you have tears in your eyes and one slips by and messes up the eyeliner or mascara.

Safety/Bobby Pins: You never know when you might need one of these to fix the fallen dupatta or the stray bangs that keep falling on your forehead.

Comb: Sometimes even the strongest of hair sprays can’t hold your hair in place for the entire event. In such a case, you need a comb to come to your rescue. On that note, see if you can’t fix a hair spray in there too.

Tissues: If you plan on eating and keeping yourself hydrated and fresh during your event, you must keep tissues for instances when something falls on your very-expensive and beautiful bridal lehenga.

Glue: The all-time saver for nail, shoes, maang tikka and mathapati! Make sure you have one which is really good (no, not super glue!).

For Hygiene & Wellness

Bandage: We really wish you don’t face any injuries on the day of your wedding but you never know when a guest might need them. Dulhan to the rescue!

Pain Killers: Hardly any bride went through her wedding without needing a dose of pain killer. So make sure you have a bunch with you in your emergency kit.

Lotion: If you plan on asking the photographer to do a few shots where your hands or feet will be highlighted, this is a must to have!

Deodorant: Dulhans who have their heart set on heavy bridal lehengas know that they’ll sweat. But if your goal is to smell as fresh and fragrant as a rose, a good deodorant must be included in the kit.

Miscellaneous Items


Sewing Kit: While you don’t have to run around carrying a sewing machine, you should get a small kit with scissors, needle, thread and button. This kit will be useful if anything falls off unexpectedly.

Charger/Power Bank: Along with a fully charged mobile, you also need a power-bank or charger in case the mobile gets discharged.

Straw: Want to remain hydrated on the wedding but don’t want to mess up the lipstick? Buy yourself some straws and include them to the kit as well!

Mirror: You probably think you don’t need this one, but you’ll be surprised at how many times you’ll want to look at yourself to check whether everything’s ok throughout the wedding.

Money: You can’t do without some cash, can you?!

Do you think we missed out on a few basics? Feel free to comment and tell us if you think anything else should be added. Subscribe to our email to know more.

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