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5 Simple Tips to Get Your Dream Wedding Venue For Less

Always had your heart set on a spectacular wedding venue where you imagined you’d get married? Dream’t of the day when you’d finally get to enter that venue all glammed up and change your life forever? You’ve thought about it day in, day out since your wedding date was decided, but hold on, the venue is out of your budget! Yes, you can have your heart set on a venue but sometimes, the dream location you select is just so out of your budget that you can’t even comprehend it. But wait, before you let all of that get to you, there is a way for you to get married at the wedding site you’ve always loved. If you’re just a little careful about how and when you book the venue, the price can go down by about 20%-30% (yes you read that right!).

Consider the following tips and see if you can’t convince the wedding hall vendor to reduce the cost.

Tip #1: Get Married In the Off Season

You’ll be surprised by how much the entire venue cost can go down if you just shift your dates a little. Shaadi’s in Pakistan mostly take place in June-Sept and Nov-Feb. So if you decide to get married any time before or after these months, you can get the wedding venue for a much reduced price. In fact, if you get married during this time, you won’t just be able to cut down the venue cost but also have a budget wedding and save the rest for your honeymoon!

Tip #2: Think About a Weekday Wedding

Instead of a weekend date which most couples are after, consider getting married on a weekday. You can pick any day other than Saturday or Sunday. Most venues offer special discounts for mid-week weddings and you’ll also be doing your guests a favor by avoiding traffic.

Tip #3: Consider an All Inclusive Venue

This may seem like a bad decision at first because wedding locations that offer everything will look like they cost a lot but if you go to an outside vendor for food and décor or any other additional services, it will end up costing a lot more.. If you’re not sure about the quality of décor and food provided by the venue, you can always go for a tasting or attend an actual wedding being held there for other details.

Tip #4: Always Book Early

Booking your location earlier will make a big difference in the final price you’ll need to pay the vendor. The best thing you can do is to start searching for your venue when your date is fixed so you have plenty of time to consider your options. Booking early will also give you the chance to get discounts that are offered earlier on.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget To Negotiate

You’ll be surprised at the amount of things that effective negotiations can get you done with! Even if you’ve tried everything mentioned above, you still need to talk to the wedding venue vendor about reducing his price. Minor changes in the décor, table and stage settings will make a huge difference in the final price, so don’t forget to have a face to face conversation with the vendor.

So what are you waiting for? Get off your seat right now and start searching for the best venues in town. If you need our help, subscribe to our email.

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